Metaphortune Metapilots Collection

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E5 - Metaphortune Metapilots Collection

Today's story, delayed for reasons that will quickly become obvious, is about a missing object. And a 911 operator. And a little bit of Eat Pray Love.
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E4 - Metaphortune Metapilots Collection

NC-17 WARNING: Today's podcast pilot is three bros hangin' out. One of them has an interesting story!
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E3 - Metaphortune Metapilots Collection

Three friends enter a store and find... themselves. What store was it? Was that person an employee? Who is the special guest? Find out on today's episode of the Metaphortune Metapilots Collection!
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E2 - Metaphortune Metapilots Collection

It's the triumphant return of everyone's favorite detective, Dick Nills! What will become of the people of Scoggins, Wisconsin? Listen to find out!
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E1 - Metaphortune Metapilots Collection

Brave Tales is back with a thrilling dive into one of our town's greatest, most prominent figures. Will host Brandishar Gilmarth dig up some dirt? Find out now!
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