I asked the questions I needed to ask / And I found the answers laying bare
I wasn’t there ‘cuz I had nowhere better / I was there because you were there

Did I get swept off the mountain peak?
Standing sleek, but oh so meek? In the summer’s gust
Did I get swept into the field?
Freshly healed, even keeled? But covered in rust

Everything I was, it was in love / With the mere idea of you
You were always what I was dreaming of / The blind spot in my field of view

Now I don’t fall asleep like I used to / And I can’t stand to watch the seasons change
But in spite of all of my misgivings / I still seek comfort in that mountain range

Please / promise me you will:

Live your life, fall in love
With someone much better than me

Calcite & Sandstone:


This is a monument / to all that I will never be
This is a pilgrimage / to what you swore you saw in me
Built out of necessity / from calcite and sandstone
Built with my hands / worked my fingers to the bone

And it breaks / all the waves / on my back
But can I stay afloat?

Built by the ocean/made it worth your while to see
Visit it in summer/the storms won’t bother you or me

With my body / glistening in the sun
Would you think that / all my battles had been won?

And it breaks / all the waves / on my back
But can I stay afloat?

2. Black/Gold

Black, black hole, back in place / Backtrack more, make some space
Gold, gold sun, always new / Rising til it sets, over you

Was it gold?
Or was it black?

As we’re out / adrift in the evening sea
Dawn won’t break / for you and me
My eyes adjust / to the Spanish moon
As we worry / it’ll be too soon

Was it gold?
Or was it black?
Now it’s gone
And I don’t see it coming back

I see every molecule there is to see / Of solar radiation / cast down on me
And in those 8 short minutes / I waited to see / Whichever color you’d wanted to be

3. Crystal/Clear/Creek

I’m watching creeks / Waiting for the right time of the day
The time when the sun / Hits the water just right and illuminates

And all I see / Is crystals in the crystal clear creek
And anyone / Knows they stumbled onto what they seek

I’m setting up lights / Getting the angles just right
I’ve got a generator / They can’t hide from me now

And I will trawl / Trawl it ‘til the creek bed’s dry
And I will mine / Every crystal that you can see

And keep them all for me

4. Noon

Guess I should be mad / but somehow I’m calm
And what I was told / Labor Day Weekend
Is still inside my bones / but you’ll never know
And my oldest friend / still sees you from time to time and I
I don’t believe in God / but I pray he never tells you
Tells you that I can’t be / happy

No, no one tell you / tell you ’bout my love for you
‘Cos you weren’t there / for me at noon

I haven’t felt this ambivalent before
What I had found wasn’t true for sure
But I believed everything I had no choice
I’ll never ask you I’d just be destroyed

5. Windsweeps

The wind sweeps the peaks we just walked
In my head the thousand times we’ve talked
Have all been better than the last
I promised you I’d be just as I say
Paint you pictures and I’ll throw them away
‘Cause now the paint’s all gone black

And I have neither the muse nor the creativity
But we’ll always hedge our bets that I do
And I can’t tell if I’m estranged lover or enemy
I guess I’ll be nothing to you

You’ll hope for an outlying miracle
Pray that all the signs you have seen
Were naught but inconsistencies
And I will be there for you to preen

But I am not here, and I’m not sure if I ever was
I can only hope to not offend you because
I’ve been having questions, you see
Was I only there ‘cos I had nowhere better to be?